Relias Learning Course Accreditation Information

Some important things that you should know

  • Relias Learning is accredited as a provider of continuing education for healthcare and addictions professionals, through national organizations and state regulatory agencies. 
  • In states where national approval is not accepted, Relias Learning may maintain specific state approvals for the most common types of healthcare and addiction professionals.
  • While most courses offered through Relias Learning are covered with multiple accreditations, not all courses are accredited for continuing education and not all courses will meet the needs of every professional seeking continuing education credit.
  • In many cases, states will accept several accrediting bodies. Knowing which accreditations apply to your license can increase the number of courses available to you. Some states have limitations on the number of hours which can be learned through online courses.
  • It is important that each professional understand the continuing education requirements for his or her particular license or certification.  
  • For the purposes of this website, Continuing Education credits are measured in minutes. Sixty (60) minutes is equal to one (1) hour of training. Some learners will complete a course in more or less time than that estimated for the course. Relias Learning's course hours are determined through a field testing process that analyzes typical completion times.
  • Upon successful completion of your online course, please be sure to print the certificate which applies to your specific needs. Since any given course may carry several accreditations, it is important that you select the one that will benefit you. In cases where accreditation is not available or not necessary, a general certificate can be printed to document your completion of the course.

For more detailed information and complete listing of our accrediting approvals, please refer to the following guides:

State Boards for Licensed Professionals
Accreditation Guide

The Relias Academy website is a service of Relias Learning.

Continuing education requirements for clinical professionals vary from state to state. Many state-level boards grant reciprocity with national accrediting organizations and other state boards. The best way for you to find out if a state licensing board has reciprocity with one of the national accrediting organizations or other state boards is to visit their web site or call them directly.

Although a majority of state licensure boards and national accrediting organizations accept online courses and home study programs for continuing education credit, some do not. Others may place a limit on the number of CE hours a practitioner can earn online or via home study

Course materials may be printed out and read to visually impaired participants. Some courses are audio accompanied. Please contact Relias Learning Support to inquire about available accommodations.

**Relias Learning reserves the right to archive out of date courses at any time. This process removes accreditations from such course(s); however credits earned prior to the archive date remain valid.

Relias Learning, LLC wishes to support constructive business relationships, reduce client dissatisfaction and facilitate problem-solving for the benefit of our clients. In this regard, Relias Learning, LLC maintains multiple mechanisms for clients to express dissatisfaction and resolve disputes.

Grievance Policy: Relias Learning, LLC shall provide its clients with telephone, e-mail and U.S. postal access in order to facilitate reports of dissatisfaction. The Company shall acknowledge receipt of complaints within two business days and shall make every effort to respond in a timely manner to all notices of client dissatisfaction. Relias Learning, LLC shall make every effort to resolve each grievance in a mutually satisfactory manner.

Please direct any questions regarding accreditation or report any unresolved grievances to:

Relias Learning
Attn: Content Department
111 Corning Road, Suite 250
Cary, North Carolina 27518
or by email at

You may also request information through our customer support representatives at 877-200-0020 ex 6444

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